The Light Within My Lamp

You are the journey that I never knew I needed to take. A lost soul, drowning in the bitterness of days that left me empty, heart break that left me cold and a vision of the woman I wanted to be, blurred and out of focus. 

When I think of it now, it was like intricate pieces of a beautifully crafted puzzle, slowly slotting together in perfect placement. I asked and you always answered. There was never a time when my curiosity was met with confusion. Like a judge I would ruthlessly interrogate you, but there you were, each and every time I dared to question. Your truth became the light, a beautiful, sacred light upon light, extending in its radiance far and wide. After years of hiding beneath the shadows of yesterday, of looking back and wondering why it all seemed so dark, I looked upon that boundless glow and finally I could see.

You and I we would sit, in the still of night, like friends getting to know one another. I was shy and unfamiliar but you gave me strength. You taught me how to be in this transient world, how to hold myself with grace, when those around me turned their back. It's hard for them, I know that now, because the words you left for me sing from my lips as I remember.